Robot Operating System 2


ROS stands for Robot Operating System and is an open source project by Open Robotics, formerly known as the Open Source Robotics Foundation.

The Robot Operating System helps to build robot applications by offering software libraries and tools, besides the support of a huge community.

ROS 2 is the next generation of the Robot Operating System with a lot of improvements like using the DDS (Data Distribution Service) standard and the RTPS protocol for its middleware layer.

ROS and ROS 2 have the purpose to help developers to research, test, and produce robotic applications, offering a standard platform.

About Open Robotics

Open Robotics stands behind creations like ROS and Ignition. They develop open source robot software and hardware platforms used in research, education and product development.

eProsima Fast DDS and ROS 2

The selected DDS middleware by Open Robotics for ROS 2 Foxy Fritzroy (long-term support) is eProsima Fast DDS which is based on the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard by the Object Management Group (OMG).

Fast DDS is the most complete open source ROS2 middleware with DDS Security, micro-ROS support, Dynamic Types, Integration Service, real-time behaviour, Discovery Server, ROS 2 extended QoS, WAN support and Shared Memory/Zero copy. Furthermore, Fast DDS comes with a Apache 2.0 license.