Simulink DDS Blockset 

Design and simulate DDS applications

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DDS Blockset provides easy-to-use blocks in order to model and simulate software applications that publish or subscribe to Data Distribution Service (DDS) middleware, including their Quality of Service (QoS). The DDS Blockset is a Simulink® add-on product that includes a DDS dictionary that enables users to manage, create, and edit the DDS definitions. In order to develop algorithms for DDS applications, it is recommended to start with a basic Simulink draft by importing DDS XML files.

DDS Blockset fully integrates with the eProsima Fast DDS stack, besides other DDS implementations.

The application generates CPP code and XML files from Simulink models (with Embedded Coder®).

Request your free trial here and for more information visit the official DDS Blockset web page.

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eProsima Fast DDS and DDS Blockset

Fast DDS is an open source networking middleware by eProsima, based on the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard by the Object Management Group (OMG). This DDS middleware stack is completely integrated and available in the DDS Blockset tool by MathWorks.