The ROS2 Shared Memory (FA-8584398067) project has been financed by ROS Industrial (ROSIN) and SONY with the goal to develop a shared memory (SHM) transport that enables fast communications between entities running in the same processing unit/machine, relying on the shared memory mechanisms provided by the host operating system.

ROS2 Shared Memory:

The shared memory communication is meant to be used as a direct ROS 2 transport or as a Fast DDS transport, covering both intra-process and interprocess comms.
The goal is to increase the performance using shared memory, avoid unnecessary message copies, serialization and deserialization and the extra logic involved in selecting the transport depending on the destination.

It is thought to be implemented supporting at least the official ROS 2 supported platforms (windows, linux and MacOS).

eProsima and ROS2 Shared Memory:

eProsima proposed, developed, and now maintains and continues with this project as the eProsima Shared Memory, integrated in Fast DDS.

As a result of the continuing development of Shared Memory, eProsima launched a new version of Fast DDS, v2.2.0, in January 2021 which includes Zero-Copy and Data-Sharing delivery.

ROS2 Shared Memory financing:

Besides being financed and developed in collaboration with SONY, the ROS2 Shared Memory has been a Focused Technical Project (FTP) with financing from ROSIN with a duration of 12 months. ROSIN itself is a EU-funded project under the research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, and its purpose is to apply open source to factory automation through ROS.

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More Information about ROS2 Shared Memory:

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