Madrid, December 2022

eProsima Landmark use caseLandmark, RT-Thread, and eProsima join hands to work on Gemini OS, an operating system platform for vehicles including AUTOSAR Classic.

Landmark’s zonal controller SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) solution, Gemini OS, deploys AUTOSAR Classic and the real-time operating system (RTOS) RT-Thread on high-performance multi-core MCUs at the same time. More concretely, Landmark opted for the 32-bit TriCore™ AURIX™– TC3xx. Due to its high performance and optimal security architecture, the AURIX TC3xx qualifies as the perfect fit for autonomous driving applications.
Full-duplex high-speed communication is performed between AUTOSAR and RT Thread through a dedicated interprocess communication plug-in, called Gemini COM.

RT-Thread is responsible for various SOA-based services on Ethernet. This RTOS can run various communication protocols including DDS and provides simple database services.

In addition, RT-Thread tunes the Ethernet driver on the hardware platform and optimizes the processing logic and configuration of the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) stack according to the characteristics of the vehicle Ethernet communication.

eProsima, as experts in middleware, contributes by porting micro-ROS to RT-Thread. micro-ROS is a ROS2-compatible solution developed for extremely resource-constrained environments such as MCUs. Its underlying middleware, Micro XRCE-DDS, conforms with the DDS-XRCE specification defined by OMG (Object Management Group) to access standard DDS (Data Distribution Service) networks. Thanks to the above characteristics of micro-ROS, the regional controller can be abstracted into one or more ROS 2 nodes, and then deploy related SOA services, thus enabling ROS 2 functionalities into Gemini OS.

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Landmark focuses on the research and development of intelligent cockpit domain controller middleware and new vehicle EE architecture, concurrently providing software solutions and toolchains based on SoCs and MCUs.



RT Thread is an open-source, neutral, and community-based real-time operating system (RTOS). The software has the characteristics of very low resource occupancy, high reliability, and high scalability. It can be greatly used in sensing nodes, wireless connection chips, and many resource-constrained scenes, and also widely applied in the gateway, IPC, smart speakers, and many other high-performance applications.



eProsima focuses on networking middleware with special attention to the OMG (Object Management Group) standard called Data Distribution Service (DDS) for real-time systems. With products like Fast DDS, Micro XRCE-DDS, or Vulcanexus, eProsima offers middleware solutions for ROS 2, autonomous driving, microcontrollers, or cloud communication.



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