Madrid, October 2023

Fast DDS 2.12.0eProsima is happy to unveil the release of Fast DDS v2.12.0! We are delighted to share this new and upgraded version of eProsima's latest milestone, bringing plenty of new and enhanced features, such as  Configurable SHM transport for discovery and XCDR support, continuous integration improvements, and bug fixes.

Madrid, Áugust 2023

Certifiable DDS

In safety-critical industries, the importance of reliable and secure communication has never been more crucial. The DDS standard is established as the best middleware solution for data-centric communication, offering inherent advantages in scalability and efficiency.

Certifiable DDS middleware is an innovative solution that addresses the imperative need for trustworthy communication systems in the realm of hard real-time safety-critical applications. As industries, especially the automotive sector, grapple with the challenge of ensuring seamless communication within stringent safety parameters, the emergence of Safe DDS, a safety-certified ISO 26262 DDS-compliant middleware library by eProsima, comes as a beacon of assurance.

Madrid, August 2023

Fast DDS updatesFast DDS has released its communication middleware's latest updates, v2.11.2, v2.10.2, and v2.6.6. These releases have a fix addressing a shared memory transport reconnection issue, thereby enhancing stability in testing environments where applications are frequently opened and closed using the (ctrl-c) command.

Madrid, July 2023

Fast DDS-Gen

Developing Fast DDS applications can be hard when you’re not familiar with the DDS environment, that’s why eProsima provides Fast DDS-Gen, a tool that facilitates the implementation of DDS applications without the knowledge of serialization or deserialization mechanisms.

Madrid, July 2023


eProsima is thrilled to announce the launch of Visual-ROS, a user-friendly web-based graphical interface for ROS 2 that allows users with little or no programming knowledge  to develop ROS 2 applications.

Madrid, July 2023

Fast DDS 2.11.0eProsima is proud to announce the launch of Fast DDS v2.11.0! We are thrilled to share this exciting news of eProsima's latest milestone, an upgraded version that brings many new and enhanced features, such as the possibility of ignoring every local endpoint and more available XML members of WireProtocolConfigQos, together with continuous integration improvements, and bug fixes.

Madrid, June 2023

micro-ROS support to ROS 2 Iron

eProsima is happy to announce the release of micro-ROS Iron, the framework now allows for a seamless integration of microcontrollers into ROS 2 Iron Irwini.

Madrid, June 2023

Configure DDS Router

Learning to configure and customize the DDS Router, the tool that connects distributed DDS networks, according to your specific requirements it's easy if you are well guided. This article takes you through the  DDS Router Configuration Guide, the manual explains how to use the tool and its configuration options, including aspects such as network configuration, with step-by-step instructions and examples.

Madrid, May 2023

Fast DDS Secure Discovery Server

Fast DDS has recently unveiled a groundbreaking feature in its 2.10 release: the Secure Discovery Server, integrating the DDS security with this alternative discovery mechanism. This new addition reinforces Fast DDS' commitment to enabling secure and scalable communication in all applications.

Madrid, May 2023

Fast DDS support to QNX

eProsima is thrilled to announce the official support in Fast DDS for QNX 7.1, a real-time operating system built for the world’s most critical embedded systems. Fast DDS, the leading open-source implementation of the OMG’s DDS (Data Distribution Service) standard, opens up with this integration new possibilities for developers and organizations seeking robust and efficient real-time communication solutions.

Madrid, May 2023

Fast DDS Spy

eProsima is excited to announce the release of its latest tool, the Fast DDS Spy. This Command Line Interface (CLI) interactive tool enables users to get real-time information on their DDS network in a human-readable format. The Fast DDS Spy tool is designed to help developers, testers, and system administrators to better understand their DDS network and identify performance issues, bottlenecks, and anomalies.

Madrid, April 2023

DDS in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, data is everything. From engine control systems to advanced driver assistance systems, automotive manufacturers rely heavily on real-time data to make important decisions. However, transmitting this data reliably and efficiently has been a challenge for many years. That’s why the DDS middleware protocol (as a technology capable of delivering microsecond latency, ISO 26262 safety certification, top security, and operational proof) has become a key component for intelligent vehicles manufacturers to deliver an outstanding driving experience while meeting demanding requirements in distributed systems design.

Madrid, April 2023

DDS Record & Replay logo

eProsima is thrilled to announce the launch of the DDS Record & Replay, an end-user software application that revolutionizes the way DDS data is recorded and replayed in a distributed system. With DDS Record & Replay, users can now efficiently save DDS data published into a DDS environment in a MCAP format database, allowing for exact playback of recorded network events linked to the original data timestamp (replaying capability to be released by late April 2023).

Madrid, April 2023

TII SSRC and eProsima use case

The Technology Innovation Institute’s (TII) Secure Systems Research Center (SSRC) commissioned the project to eProsima with the aim of enabling the Center’s strategic goal of driving ROS2 - an open-source robotics system for drones. The project was implemented to enhance the security of autonomous aircraft by introducing security plumbing inside ROS2 and Fast DDS, by bringing the security feature PKCS #11 to ROS 2 through Fast DDS.