Madrid, February 2021

eProsima Fast DDS now includes ZERO COPY communication. eProsima is pioneering this transport communication mechanism as the first open source dds middleware, allowing the transmission of data between applications in the same host without copying data in memory.

Zero Copy communication helps to save time and resources using Data-sharing delivery between the DataWriter and the DataReader, and data buffer loans between the application and Fast DDS.

  • The Fast DDS Data-sharing delivery extension, which provides a communication channel between the Datawriter and the Datareader, so it does not require copying the sample data to transmit it. 
  • The Fast DDS Datawriter sample loaning extension, that allows the application to borrow a buffer for a sample in the publishing DataWriter. The sample can be constructed directly on this buffer, eliminating the need to copy it to the DataWriter afterwards. On the DataReader, the application gets a loan of this buffer as well.

This combined with data sharing makes zero-copy.


Zero-Copy is an evolution of the Shared Memory transport (SHM) which enables fast communications between entities running in the same processing unit/machine. Shared Memory provides a better performance than other networks due to the following reasons:

  • Large message support: SHM allows the copy of full messages where the only limitation is the machine's memory capacity.
  • Reduce the number of memory copies:  SHM can directly share the same memory buffer with all the endpoints.
  • Less operating system overhead: There is a performance/time consume gain by using SHM



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