Madrid, January 2021


eProsima with its Fast DDS middleware implementation joins NXP partners ecosystem for their BlueBox 3.0, a development platform for safe Automotive High-Performance Compute  (AHPC).

NXP, a worldwide known professional in the automotive sector, brings a solution that helps to speed up the cardesigners process and shortens the system development cycles. Carmakers can focus their efforts relocating the path from fully autonomous vehicles, to now employ compute power for differentiated vehicles.

eProsima offers a high-performance middleware implementation based on the OMG (Object Management Group) DDS (Data Distribution Service) standard, Fast DDS. It is the most complete open source DDS middleware for real-time embedded architectures and operating systems on the market. The integration of Fast DDS powers the communications between the different components of the BlueBox 3.0, creating a stunning fast PCIe transport.

BlueBox 3.0 Advantages (further information):

  • The platform allows to lengthen the execution and capacity of the designers' performance.
  • Designers can easily change or include radar, vision and LIDAR sensor functionality, thanks to the ample leverage onboard I/O connectivity
  • Allows an evolution system, marking the path from BlueBox 2.0, adding itself to the family series incorporating the Layerscape LX2160A together with the compute processor and ASIL D ready S32G274A vehicle network in order to sum additional solutions such as acceleration and perception.


NXP is the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications. With its more than 29.000 employees, NXP is driving innovation in the automotive, industrial, IoT, mobile, and communication infrastructure markets. NXP focuses on research, development and innovation, creating solutions for a smarter world.


eProsima is an SME company focused on networking middleware with special attention to the OMG (Object Management Group) standard called Data Distribution Service (DDS). eProsima believes in the open source model and provides middleware solutions such as eProsima Fast DDS adopted by ROS 2 and eProsima Micro XRCE-DDS for microcontrollers and micro-ROS.


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