eProsima Discovery Server is a new feature since Fast RTPS 1.9.x offering an alternative discovery mechanism for large scale scenarios. It replaces the standard peer to peer discovery by one or several discovery servers, improving the discovery in scenarios with heterogeneous networks and many nodes, offering better:

  • Scalability: Centralized discovery reduces the amount of messages necessary for the discovery process in large network scenarios and therefore improves startup speed.
  • Availability:  Multiple Discovery servers can be used to avoid a single point of failure.
  • Reliability: All discovery traffic is reliable when using this mechanism. 
  • Persistence: Discovery data can be saved to a file. This prevents a new discovery startup in case of a server shutdown.
  • No multicast dependency: One or several Participants take the role of discovery servers and take care of spreading discovery information to all other clients.

When to use the Discovery Server?

  • Large scale: High number of nodes.
  • Heterogeneous networks: No multicast available.

Standard Discovery vs Discovery Server


Available Documentation:

Read the Docs Discovery Server

More information about the eProsima Discovery Server:

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