The ROS2 Integration Service (FA-4457705782) is an open source software solution, born as the result of a project initiative funded by ROS Industrial (ROSIN) for an awarded period of 12 months. Its objective is to facilitate the connection between ROS 2 and other protocols, and to enable ROS 2 messages over WAN/Internet. The integration is mediated by the creation of a common framework, standard interfaces, and useful services to create general bridges and transformations.

ROS2 Integration Service:

The planned features for the ROS 2 Integration Service are: 

  • Bridges from ROS 2 to other commonly used protocols (DDS, ROS 1, MQTT, zeroMQ, a file/DB, etc) through Protocol Connectors called “System-Handles”, allowing also messages transformations.
  • Routing across WAN/Internet
  • Support for IDL 4.2
  • Support for Dynamic Types

eProsima and ROS2 Integration Service:

eProsima proposed, developed, and now maintains and continues with this project as the eProsima Integration Service. The relevant repository on GitHub can be found here.

ROS2 Integration Service financing:

The ROS2 Integration Service is a Focused Technical Project (FTP) financed by ROSIN with a duration of 12 months. ROSIN itself is a EU-funded project under the research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, and its purpose is to apply open source to factory automation through ROS.

More Information about ROS2 Integration Service:

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