The ROS2 Automated Benchmarks (FA-4566366940) project has been financed by ROS Industrial (ROSIN) to develop a ROS 2 CI Benchmarking Platform offering a reference system with reproducible performance benchmarks and regression checks for ROS 2 and its middleware Fast DDS (formerly known as Fast RTPS), including stuttering detection, along with best-practices guidelines.

ROS2 Automated Benchamrks:

The outcome will be an open source set of performance regression check tools and scripts, along with a fully documented reference platform, aligned with the real-time restrictions usually applied to robotic applications, improved ROS 2 performance, and performance best-practices guidelines.

A first objective has been released in March 2020 and includes performance regression checks on ROS 2 default middleware (Fast DDS) on an isolated real-time machine exclusively dedicated to this task with the purpose of maximizing test repeatability.

The following objectives will include performance regression checks on ROS 2 generic and performance best practices guidelines.

eProsima and ROS2 Automated Benchmarks:

eProsima proposed, developed, and now maintains and continues with this project.

ROS2 Automated Benchmarks financing:

The ROS2 Automated Benchmarks is a Focused Technical Project (FTP) financed by ROSIN with a duration of 12 months. ROSIN itself is a EU-funded project under the research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, and its purpose is to apply open source to factory automation through ROS.

More Information about ROS2 Automated Benchmarks:

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