Madrid, April 2021

eProsima is happy to announce the new release of Fast DDS v2.3.1

This release is specifically synchronized with the new ROS 2 Galactic release planned for May 23rd and. It will enable applications to use Fast DDS latest improvements and bug fixes. 

Below you can find a detailed list of the main advancements accomplished in this new version: 



Statistics module: eProsima Fast DDS can now be configured to gather and provide information about the data being exchanged by the user application such as: publication/subscription throughput, re-sent data, discovered entities, latency, etc. In other words, this is a building block that provides a base to monitor and understand how data is being produced, published, and received among the different communication nodes (Data Reader/ Data Writer) for applications using Fast DDS. 

This kind of information will be helpful specially during the application development phase when a significant number of nodes (readers and writers) is used, or when having high volume data exchanged among nodes. In these cases, it is very common that network overload issues arise, so correct DDS configuration and design is key to avoid them. FastDDS Statistics module will help detect these bottlenecks in communications, network misbehaviour, QoS incompatibilities, performance hinders, etc.. 

It is not unusual that, during deployment phases, the number of nodes or the amount of data published increases unexpectedly and network issues may start appearing. The statistics module can then be used to monitor data and help to solve configuration issues.

To be able to use the Fast DDS Statistics module, you will have to activate it with a specific CMake option to compile Fast DDS including it. The collected statistics data is published using builtin Data Writers over specific dedicated DDS topics. Find all details of this improvement here



  • Fixed alignment issues on generated code calculation of maximum serialized size
  • Fixed calculation of data-sharing domain id
  • Fixed issues on data-sharing with volatile writers
  • Fixed build issues on old compilers
  • Fixed some tests when the library is built without security
  • Fixed and exposed pull mode on writers
  • Fixed handling of `--data_sharing` on latency test
  • Fixed calculation of memory pools sizes on debug builds
  • Correctly update memory policy on writers and readers

 Do you want to know more ? Check out the complete list of improvements and bug fixes on Fast DDS release notes!



  • High performance. See the performance benchmarks.
  • Multi-Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac OS, QNX, VxWorks, iOS, Android, Raspbian.
  • Easy to use: See a hello world video tutorial here.
  • Free and Open Source: Apache License 2.0
  • Commercial Support Available.
  • DDS compliance: OMG DDS 1.4 Compliant. Minimum profile
  • Full RTPS compliance: OMG RTPS 2.2 Compliant. Best Effort and Reliable Communications in both Unicast and Multicast.
  • Statistics module: gathering data being exchanged by the user application, to be able to improve or identify network issues, mainly needed during the application development phase. 



Visit the release page to check for more details.

Please also visit the eProsima Fast DDS product page for more information or download Fast DDS here.



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