Certifiable DDS middleware for safety-critical systems

eProsima Safe DDS is a middleware implementation following the ISO 26262 certification standard and provides access to the DDS (Data Distribution Service) Global-Data-Space.

Safe DDS implements the OMG (Object Management Group) RTPS (Real-Time Publish-Subscribe) wire protocol. This middleware aims to access DDS from a full range of CPUs and MCUs (resource-constrained systems) used in real-world critical applications. This is achieved by implementing a library focused on wise memory management, which avoids non-deterministic operations.

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  Low Resource Consumption:

• In line with stringent resource constraints of mid-high range MCU and CPUs
• Memory optimization capabilities

  Deterministic System Target:

• Completely dynamic memory-free runtime, allocating all the memory at start-up (Real-Time and Deterministic)
• Deterministic API calls

  Multi-Platform Integration:

• Portable to all mid-high range MCU and, CPUs
• Support for all common OS, RTOS and Bare metal
• Support for all network stacks: POSIX, LwIP, FreeRTOS TCP...

  ROS 2 Compatible: RMW for micro-ROS and ROS 2

  Personalized Services & Commercial Support available

  Well documented & easy to use: See our available documentation

  Well suited for: Automotive and Critical applications




This certifiable middleware Safe DDS is focused on embedded systems that control one or more systems and require real-time behavior, high performance, and reliability. 

Safe DDS is suitable for both safety-certified applications and non-certified applications requiring a very lightweight implementation of DDS. Examples of safety-critical applications can be found in the automotive sector (ISO26262), especially in automated and autonomous driving, but also in the sectors of aerospace, defense, and industry 4.0. These systems rely on a significant number of sensors (microprocessors and microcontrollers), with operations varying in their level of importance from convenience to safety-critical. 

eProsima Safe DDS provides a standardized real-time communication middleware that helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to manage the increasing complexity and number of MCUs and CPUs used by an application.



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More information about eProsima Safe DDS

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