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Tracks DDS network performance

Fast DDS Monitor download buttoneProsima Fast DDS Monitor is an open source graphical desktop application aimed to monitor DDS environments deployed using the eProsima Fast DDS library. Therefore, the user can track the status of publication/subscription communications between DDS entities in real-time, and also choose from a wide variety of communication parameters to be measured such as latency, throughput, packet loss and others. The Fast DDS Monitor can also record and compute statistical measurements on these parameters displaying mean, variance and standard deviation.


 Troubleshooting: Detect the possible issues or anomalous events that may occur in the communication on a DDS environment network using Fast DDS at a glance.

 Real-time: Track the network status and DDS communications in real-time.

 Easy to use: Intuitive graphical user interface developed following a user experience design approach.

 Flexible configuration: Easily navigate through the deployed and active DDS entities and inspect them to the appropriate level of detail, including configuration and physical deployment information.

 Well documented: See our available documentation





Monitoring information is helpful, especially during the application development phase when a significant number of nodes (readers and writers) is used, or when having high volume data exchanged among nodes. In these cases, it is very common that network overload issues arise, so correct DDS configuration and design are key to avoid them. The Fast DDS Monitor in combination with the Statistics Module integrated in Fast DDS will help detect these bottlenecks in communications, network misbehavior, QoS incompatibilities, performance hinders, etc. 

Typical scenarios in which eProsima Fast DDS Monitor is used are :

  • Large scale environments: High number of nodes.
  • Using heterogeneous networks: No multicast available.
  • Scarce network resources: The massive reduction of traffic enables the deployments of large systems in network constrained environments.

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Graphical interface of the Fast DDS Monitor 




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