Madrid, March 2023

Robot Arm Demo micro-ROS Renesas

eProsima is proud to announce the release of a joint demo with Renesas for the embedded world 2023 that showcases the integration of micro-ROS on a RA6M5 board.

Renesas and eProsima started their collaboration with the goal to facilitate the adoption of robotics in the industrial and IoT sectors. Both companies joined forces to create a disruptive solution that covers the full development cycle of embedded applications in ROS 2 (Robot Operating System 2) by using micro-ROS, the official extension of ROS 2 for microcontrollers.

To continue with this endeavor, the partners are now collaborating on a demo for the embedded world conference 2023.
The demo will demonstrate a robotic arm, monitored and controlled by the Renesas RA6M5 with a built-in Arm Cortex-M33 core, to move smaller objects within its reach. The robot controller (JP177) by RA6M5 implements micro-ROS which receives ROS 2 messages through a plug-and-play USB or Ethernet connection, and uses these messages to control the robot arm using a TTL Serial interface.
The user can switch between two operation modes. The arm, the OpenMANIPULATOR-X, can be operated automatically or manually with a gamepad.
RViz and MoveIt, a 3D visualization software and a ROS-based manipulation tool, could be added to this demo for further visualization and controlling purposes.

The collaboration between eProsima and Renesas enables cost-effective development in the areas of Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT, bridging the gap between microcontrollers and ROS 2. More specifically, it allows the easy development of robotic applications in areas such as logistics, warehouses, security, agriculture, and healthcare, with reduced risk and time-to-market.

The demo will be showcased at Renesas booth at the embedded world 2023 to be held in Nuremberg, Germany from Mar 14th - Mar 16th. Don’t miss out!



Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723) delivers trusted embedded design innovation with complete semiconductor solutions that enable billions of connected, intelligent devices to enhance the way people work and live. A global leader in microcontrollers, analog, power, and SoC products, Renesas provides comprehensive solutions for a broad range of automotive, industrial, infrastructure, and IoT applications that help shape a limitless future.



eProsima is an SME company focused on networking middleware with special attention to the OMG (Object Management Group) standard called Data Distribution Service for real time systems (DDS). The company’s DDS middleware solutions find special interest in the robotic, IoT and automotive sector, being Fast DDS a middleware implementations for larger robotic systems like ROS 2 and Micro XRCE-DDS the default middleware for micro-ROS, a robot operating system for microcontrollers.



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