Madrid, July 2023

Fast DDS-Gen

Developing Fast DDS applications can be hard when you’re not familiar with the DDS environment, that’s why eProsima provides Fast DDS-Gen, a tool that facilitates the implementation of DDS applications without the knowledge of serialization or deserialization mechanisms.

Fast DDS-Gen is a powerful tool that streamlines the development process for eProsima Fast DDS applications. Utilizing the IDL format allows developers to define data structures language independently, facilitating communication between different software components. The generated source code handles the serialization and deserialization of data, ensuring efficient and reliable data exchange.

Fast DDS-Gen simplifies the development of eProsima Fast DDS applications by automating the generation of source code and handling the complexities of data serialization. With its efficient and flexible approach, developers can focus on building robust and scalable distributed systems while benefiting from the performance and interoperability of eProsima Fast DDS.

One of the key advantages of Fast DDS-Gen is its integration with Fast CDR, a C 11 library that provides optimized data serialization mechanisms. This integration enables high-performance data transfer and efficient memory usage, improving overall system performance.

Furthermore, Fast DDS-Gen supports both C and Python, offering flexibility to developers and enabling them to leverage the benefits of eProsima Fast DDS in their preferred programming language. This versatility makes integrating Fast DDS into existing projects and ecosystems easier.

You can find more information on Fast DDS-Gen in the comprehensive tutorial that will walk you through the process step by step. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, our tutorial will equip you with the knowledge to use this tool effectively. Read our tutorial and start using Fast DDS-Gen today!


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