Madrid, May 2021

MicroROS with SHM

The Micro XRCE-DDS Client Shared Memory Transport (SHM) provides a way of communicating micro-ROS nodes that exist in the same Micro Controller Unit (MCU) without the need of interacting with the micro-ROS Agent. 

The key advantages of SHM transport are:                                

             - allows large message support 

             - reduces the number of memory copies

             - requires less operating system overhead


The shared memory functionality is the result of a shared effort between the Client and the Agent. This approach provides the Clients with capabilities to autonomously detect compatible publishers, subscribers or any other DDS entity, without the need to recur to the Agent. The Agent, which by default acknowledges the existence of matching entities in the same Client, blocks resending the duplicated matching information to the Client. 

As a result, SHM enables fast communications between entities running in the same MCU.

Read more about Shared Memory Implementation in micro-ROS here. 


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