An XML file is a human and machine readable file. It is an extensible markup language file used to structure data for storage and transport, and is divided in tags and text. Tags have to follow specific (but simple) syntax guidelines and provide the structure to the data. The text represents the data included and is framed by the tags.



  • There is no need to recompile 
  • XML is not a computer language. It is readable and understandable.
  • And of course, XML is extendable 


Fast DDS & XML files

Fast DDS includes many features and functionalities that can be configured through an XML file. That means that it is possible to change Fast DDS entities' behaviour just by modifying the configuration XML file without needing to recompile or link the code. This increases the flexibility of the system.

The main common cases are:


  • XML & QoS


Fast DDS includes a series of Quality of Services (QoS). The user has the possibility to define how each entity will behave and therefore Fast DDS. The QoS policies can be configured independently by modifying the XML files.

Some interesting QoS: DurabilityQosPolicyReliabilityQosPolicyHistoryQosPolicy


  • XML & Discovery Mechanism


Fast DDS offers different discovery mechanisms for automatic DataWriter and DataReader discovery. These mechanisms are Simple DiscoveringStatic Discovery, and Discovery Server. The user can configure any mechanism, and change from one to another to test which fits better, just using and changing the XML configuration file.


  • XML & TLS


Fast DDS supports the implementation and configuration of the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol through an XML file. A basic knowledge of network security in terms of SSL/TLS, Certificate Authority (CA), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and Diffie-Hellman is required. Check the documentation.


  • XML & Dynamic Types


Fast DDS provides a mechanism to implement DynamicType using XML files. Thus the Dynamic Types can be modified without the need to modify the source code of the DDS application.



Get how easy it is to write XML files!!


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