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eProsima Non-Intrusive DDS Recorder product

eProsima Non-Intrusive DDS Recorder is a tool to record all the DDS traffic in your network, using a non-intrusive mechanism allowing you to test, analyze or log your DDS distributed system without adding any new DDS participant or service, ensuring you are recording the real behavior and timing.

eProsima Non-Intrusive DDS Recorder records the DDS traffic sniffing the DDS protocol (RTPS) through the switch debug port. The tool dissects the protocol and builds a complete database of all the DDS entities (Participants, Publishers, Subscribers, and Topics), the Data Types, and all the exchanged messages.

eProsima Non-Intrusive DDS Recorder does not record just raw data: it build a message table for each DDS Topic, with the same fields as the corresponding DDS Topic Data Type.

In this release you need a sniffer such as wireshark to save the network traffic into a standard packet capture file (PCAP).eProsima Non-Intrusive DDS Recorder will later parse the file to translate the RTPS messages into a human readable format and store them in a SQLite database. In order to get all the traffic in your network you should sniff your switch debug port, otherwise you would get just the traffic directed to the node where the sniffer is running. Future releases will include a built-in sniffer to process the network packets in real time.

DDS uses an automatic discovery process to discover all the DDS entities in your network including your topic data types.eProsima Non-Intrusive DDS Recorder analyzes the discovery traffic to build a set of tables in a database using your data types schema to store the DDS user data traffic later.

To get the data type information eProsima Non-Intrusive DDS Recorder searchs for the data type definition ( Typecode) in the discovery messages. It is important to note that not all the available DDS implementations send the typecode information (see supported DDS implementations in the release notes). Future releases of eProsima Non-Intrusive DDS Recorder will allow the use of an IDL file to generate the typecode of your types.

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Main Advantages:

 Light-weight Database: SQLite

 ROpen Source: Apache license

 Multi-Platform Integration: Windows & Linux


Available Documentation:

Release Notes Manuals

Latest Release (PDF)


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