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eProsima Fast RPC is a high performance remote procedure call (RPC) framework. It combines a software stack with a code generation engine to build services that work efficiently in several platforms and programming languages.RPC over DDS: eProsima Fast RPC

eProsima Fast RPC is striking fast, beating alternatives such as Apache Thrift in both Windows and Linux, and is free software (LGPL). Besides a lightweight networking implementation, we use eProsima Fast Buffers, a very efficient (see here the benchmarks) serialization mechanism.

The framework generates the Request/Reply code from the IDL procedure definition allowing the developer focus in his application logic without bothering about the networking details.

eProsima Fast RPC is built onto standards, using the OMG IDL to declare the remote procedures, and an API compatible with the upcoming OMG RPC over DDS standard, but using in this case TCP as the transport, making it faster. For full RPC over DDS standard compliance check our product eProsima RPC over DDS 

Main Features:

  • Faster than Apache Thrift, Web Services, JMS...
  • Windows and Linux Support
  • Open Source - LGPL License

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Performance: eProsima Fast RPC vs Apache Thrift

eProsima Fast RPC is a lot faster than Web Services and JMS, and slightly faster than last generation middleware such as Apache Thrift.


Latency one-to-one, 2 machines: Core i3, Fedora 20


More Information about eProsima Fast RPC:

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