eProsima and Robotics

Robots are distributed systems consisting of networks of sensors and actuators, connected to one or many CPUs. These systems need middleware to connect all these nodes and share information in a real-time environment. 

eProsima develops two open source middlewares based on the DDS standard of the OMG (Object Management Group), which combined or on their own serve to communicate bigger or smaller (resource constrained) distributed systems - Fast DDS  (formerly known as Fast RTPS) and Micro XRCE-DDS. These products are the basis of the latest versions of ROS (The Robot Operating System) and its extension for microcontrollers, micro-ROS. eProsima is also the provider of products such as the Integration Service, an open source tool that enables intercommunication of an arbitrary number of protocols that speak different languages.

Why eProsima?

For years now, eProsima is heavily involved in the Robotics sector with numerous projects in this industry including brands like Open Robotics, Rapyuta Robotics, Sony, Amazon and many others.

Moreover, eProsima is the major european contributor of ROS, the Robot Operating System of the Open Robotics Org, providing its open source Fast DDS networking middleware. ROS 2 is the de facto standard for robot application development and selected Fast DDS as its default middleware.

eProsima also participates in micro-ROS, a European Horizon 2020 project, together with Bosch, PIAP and the FIWARE Foundation. micro-ROS is compatible with ROS 2 and helps to connect sensors or microcontrollers with traditional robots.

Examples of robotics success cases:

More information about eProsima, middleware and Robotics:

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