eProsima and Critical Applications

Critical Applications by definition have strict and exigent requirements to ensure their functionality. Most scenarios require minimum latency, high throughput and real-time behaviour. It is not only that the application should have a good performance, but real-time, deterministic behaviour: it should be fast at any time, with strict deadlines.

eProsima’s main products are designed with these principles, developed following rules that ensure real-time behaviour: No dynamic memory allocations, non-blocking calls, optimized algorithms, and performance tests as part of a continuous integration system.

eProsima develops two open source middleware products based on the DDS standard of the OMG (Object Management Group) called Fast DDS (formerly known as Fast RTPS) and Micro XRCE-DDS. While Fast DDS is a middleware for bigger systems, Micro XRCE-DDS serves resource constrained environments, like for example microcontroller with limited memory storage.

For full service coverage, both middleware products are compatible.

Another important aspect of critical applications is security: eProsima implements a full layer of security in its middleware products, following the DDS Security specification, covering features like Authentication, Encryption, Access control, Data Tagging, and Event logging.


Why eProsima?

eProsima gained a lot of experience in the field of Critical Applications over the years.

One example is Autonomous Driving, not only for cars but also for other types of vehicles (industrial, drones, etc). To cite only some examples, eProsima Fast DDS is being used in the following cases: Apex.AI for their autonomous driving framework, Clearpath for their UGVs, and Dronecode and Auterion for their PX4 Autopilot.

Another critical application is the Command and Control (C2) systems. eProsima provides middleware services and products for the Spanish Army C2 systems, including helping to design the data model and the interoperability specification with other systems. These systems manage real-time information about military units, alarms, facilities, obstacles, etc. using data links ranging from Ethernet to tactical radios.

eProsima is also a provider of middleware services and products for Air Traffic Control (ATC) systems deployed in many countries such as Spain, UK, Germany, and others. These systems manage information about flight plans, radar tracks, etc. and are really critical. They are running 24/7 and guarantee data delivery and integrity.


Examples of Critical Applications success cases:


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