Aranjuez, December 2018

eProsima believes in maintaining a strong company environment in which everyone can grow and develop both within the organization, and as an individual with personal goals, especially if this is our overall health. This healthy environment is maintained by eProsima Christmas team event running a 10km race.

RACE Pictures

Aranjuez race      Aranjuez race                                                                             

About the event:

This year the company chose to run in beautiful Aranjuez town that is situated near Madrid.  

The run was organized by the Aranjuez Marathon club and took place on the 16th of December. The event attracted hundreds of professional and amateur runners to award their interest in health. The race lasted 1 hour and 15 minutes and was open to everyone interested in sports and sharing their time together.

eProsima beginner runners gained inspiration to improve overall health, while the competitive ones had the opportunity to shine among their friends and colleagues achieving great results. Everyone enjoyed this experience as a team and supported each other till the end.

Aranjuez race  

More information:

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