Madrid, Mar 2018

Investigators of the URJC analyze the performance of Fast RTPS Security in the new paper "Quantitative analysis of security in distributed robotic frameworks" from Dr. Francisco Martín Rico, Enrique Soriano-Salvador, and Dr. José María Cañas.

Paper abstract:

Robotic software frameworks simplify the development of robotic applications. The more powerful ones help to build such applications as a distributed collection of interoperating software nodes. The communications inside those robotic systems are amenable of being attacked and vulnerable to the security threats present on any networked system. With the robots increasingly entering in people’s daily lives, like autonomous cars, drones, etc. security on them is a central issue gaining attention. This paper studies several well known communication middleware used by robotic frameworks running on robots with regular computers, and their support for cybersecurity. It analyzes their performance when transmitting regular robotic data of different sizes, with or without security features, on several network settings. The experiments show that security, when available, does not significantly decrease the quality of the robotic data communication in terms of latency and packet loss rate.

About Francisco Martin Rico:

Dr. Francisco Martín Rico is associate professor at the Rey Juan Carlos University and a member of the Robotics Lab, where his work focuses on the development of autonomous capabilities in mobile robots. His research areas are the localization, mapping and localization of mobile robots, using 2D and 3D sensors. In addition, he is a pioneer in the application of humanoid robots in therapies in Alzheimer’s patients. He has published a dozen article with high impact scientific journals and more than 40 articles in national and international congresses. He is currently a strong supporter of Open Source robotics, collaborating in the dissemination and application ROS (Robotics Operating System).

More information:

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