Madrid, November 2016

Magma Solutions, a company focused on the development of Navigation and Imaging Systems for UAVs, has selected eProsima Fast RTPS for their AirVision Project.

AirVision & Fast RTPS?

AirVision allows drones to understand the world around them and instantly provide mission critical intelligence. Combining artificial intelligence, and advanced computer vision algorithms AirVision provides solutions for defence, law enforcement, energy, smart city sectors. Deployed on the drone system autonomously extracts intelligence from the pictures, and sends to the ground only small amount of information instead of full video stream.

Fast RTPS will be used for the communication modules inside the UAV and between the UAV and the ground station to send the telemetry data.

AirVision Object Tracking


“We have saved many man-months using Fast RTPS. It is a lightweight and very stable communications middleware for Wireless Datalinks suffering disconnections and packet loss”
Mindaugas Eglinskas, CEO at Magma Solutions.


About Magma Solutions:

Magma Solutions is an aerial imaging software company with focus on AI and autonomous navigation.

Hummingbird UAV:

In 2015 Magma solutions was awarded contract by Lithuanian MoD to create vertical take-off and landing UAV. They are partnering with other R&D companies: Vilnius University, SSTI (UAV producer), Integrated optics (laser producer) in the project. Magma solutions is responsible for high resolution sensor data (day and night vision) processing and navigation in GPS denied environment.

More information:

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