Madrid, May 2016

eProsima announces the general availability of eProsima Fast RTPS 1.1.0. This release introduces two important new features:

  • Asynchronous Publishing Mode: This Publishing mode uses a separate thread to send your data, and returns the control to your user thread right after calling the write operation.
  • Large Data Support: Asynchronous publishing allows you to send Data Types larger than 64 Kbytes. The asynchronous publisher thread will take care of the fragmentation process.

But there is more:

  • VS 2015 Support
  • Better documentation: More content and examples.
  • Improved performance.
  • Bug fixing.

New License: More Freedom.

Also this release introduces a license change from LGPLv3 to MPLv2. This new license gives you more flexibility and freedom than LGPL allowing you to link statically eProsima Fast RTPS without considering the result a derivative work.

eProsima Fast RTPS is a high performance publish subscribe framework to share data in distributed systems using a decoupled model based on Publishers, Subscribers and Data Topics.

Main Features of eProsima Fast RTPS:

  • High performance. See the performance benchmarks.
  • Multi-Platform: Windows, Linux, Raspbian, Mac OS
  • Easy to use: See a hello world video tutorial here.
  • Free and Open Source: MPLv2 License
  • Commercial Support Available.
  • Full RTPS compliance: OMG RTPS 2.2 Compliant. Best Effort and Reliable Communications in both Unicast and Multicast.

Downloads and Online Documentation

Please visit the eProsima Fast RTPS product page.


eProsima Fast RTPS is a faster than other pub/sub alternatives such as ZMQ:

ZMQ vs eProsima Fast RTPS-latency-1-to-1-linux


More Information about eProsima Fast RTPS:

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