Madrid, Áugust 2023

Certifiable DDS

In safety-critical industries, the importance of reliable and secure communication has never been more crucial. The DDS standard is established as the best middleware solution for data-centric communication, offering inherent advantages in scalability and efficiency.

Certifiable DDS middleware is an innovative solution that addresses the imperative need for trustworthy communication systems in the realm of hard real-time safety-critical applications. As industries, especially the automotive sector, grapple with the challenge of ensuring seamless communication within stringent safety parameters, the emergence of Safe DDS, a safety-certified ISO 26262 DDS-compliant middleware library by eProsima, comes as a beacon of assurance.

Why Certifiable DDS

With the assurance of certifiable DDS, solutions ensure robust and reliable data exchange, even in the most demanding real-time scenarios, such as automotive control units, where the ability to transmit information has to be accurate and certain.

Let’s delve into the key points.

Safety Compliance 

The need to meet the industry’s rigorous safety requirements will lead to a safety-certified DDS implementation, compliant with ISO 26262 ASIL D levels – the highest level of safety – and will ensure functional vehicle safety and high-performance computing. 

Developer Empowerment

Certifiable DDS solutions allow developers to construct communication systems that meet rigorous certification standards. By harnessing the power of these solutions, developers can create robust and reliable communication infrastructures that are well-suited for certification processes. 


The eProsima Safe DDS Implementation

Safe DDS is the certifiable DDS middleware developed by eProsima. It is purpose-built to address hard real-time safety-critical systems' unique needs, particularly those anchored on mid-low range MCUs and CPUs, including automotive ECUs.

By obtaining the ISO 26262 certification, Safe DDS will deliver communication systems of the highest safety standards. Its seamless integration with hard real-time applications showcases its ability to handle the dynamic requirements of industries where safety and reliability are non-negotiable.


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