Madrid, August 2023

Fast DDS updatesFast DDS has released its communication middleware's latest updates, v2.11.2, v2.10.2, and v2.6.6. These releases have a fix addressing a shared memory transport reconnection issue, thereby enhancing stability in testing environments where applications are frequently opened and closed using the (ctrl-c) command.

The Fast DDS development team has worked hard to rectify issues and improve performance. Among the highlights of these releases are:

  1. Shared Memory Transport Stability: Fast DDS v2.11.2 and v2.6.6 tackle a critical concern by resolving a shared memory transport glitch. This achievement translates to smoother operation in testing environments, ensuring seamless communication and reliability when applications are frequently terminated and launched.
  2. Performance Enhancements: Significant performance boost achieved when simultaneously utilizing intraprocess and data-sharing features. This way, it achieves heightened efficiency and optimized communication, making Fast DDS the best option for resource-intensive applications.
  3. ROS 2 Integration: The new releases have already been integrated into the ROS 2 sources, particularly in the Humble and Rolling distributions. This integration underscores Fast DDS's commitment to collaborating with the broader robotics and open-source software communities, providing them access to improved tools and solutions.
  4. Upcoming Binary Sync: Users interested in the updated binaries can be assured that the Fast DDS team is gearing up for the next ROS 2 synchronization, ensuring the improved versions become widely accessible for implementation.



Visit the release page to check for more details.

Please also visit the eProsima Fast DDS product page for more information or download Fast DDS here.



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