Madrid, April 2023

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eProsima is thrilled to announce the launch of the DDS Record & Replay, an end-user software application that revolutionizes the way DDS data is recorded and replayed in a distributed system. With DDS Record & Replay, users can now efficiently save DDS data published into a DDS environment in a MCAP format database, allowing for exact playback of recorded network events linked to the original data timestamp (replaying capability to be released by late April 2023).

One of the unique features of eProsima DDS Record & Replay is its easy configurability and installation. The tool comes with a default setup that automatically discovers DDS topics, data types, and entities without the need for users to specify the types of data recorded. This is made possible by leveraging the DynamicTypes functionality of eProsima Fast DDS. This streamlined setup process saves users time and effort, making DDS data recording a breeze.

When it comes to the recording capability, the main functionality of DDS Record & Replay is the DDS Recorder tool, which saves data in a MCAP database. The database contains records of the publication timestamp of the data, the serialized data, and the definition of the data serialization type and format. The output MCAP file can be read with any user tool compatible with MCAP file reading, as it contains all the necessary information for reading and reproducing the data. This flexibility allows users to choose their preferred tool for replaying DDS data, tailored to their specific needs.


In addition to the DDS Recorder tool, eProsima DDS Record & Replay also includes the DDS Remote Controller tool. This application allows users to remotely control the recording tool from another device, enabling convenient start, stop, or pause of data recording without needing to physically access the recording device. This remote control feature enhances the usability and convenience of DDS data recording, making it more user-friendly and accessible.


DDS Record & Replay is a powerful tool that empowers users to efficiently save and replay DDS data, making it an invaluable asset in various applications such as testing, debugging, and analysis of distributed systems. Its seamless integration with eProsima Fast DDS and dynamic configuration capabilities make it a top choice for developers and engineers in need of efficient and reliable DDS data recording and replaying solutions.

Experience the power of efficient DDS data recording and replaying with eProsima DDS Record & Replay, and unlock new possibilities in your distributed systems development.



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