Madrid, February 2023

Safe DDS Logo

eProsima is proud to announce its first ISO certifiable DDS middleware for safety-critical systems, called Safe DDS.

eProsima Safe DDS will be officially released at the end of Q1 2023 though a first beta version is already available to exclusive customers. This certifiable middleware provides a standardized real-time communication that helps original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to access DDS (Data Distribution Service) from an increasing number of MCUs and CPUs. 


This DDS middleware implementation follows the ISO 26262 standard. This standard is specifically designed for the functional safety aspects of road vehicles and can be considered as one of the most strict standards in terms of safety. With the ISO26262 as reference, further safety-related standards will be easily certifiable and include sectors such as aerospace, defense, medicine or industry 4.0.

eProsima Safe DDS implements the OMG (Object Management Group) RTPS (Real-Time Publish Subscribe) wire protocol. The lightweight and easily portable middleware allows access to the DDS Global-Data-Space from a full range of resource-constrained systems used in real-world critical applications. This is achieved by implementing a library focused on wise memory management which avoids non-deterministic operations.



  • Low Resource Consumption:
    • In line with stringent resource constraints of mid-high range MCU and CPUs
  • Memory optimization capabilities
  • Deterministic System Target:
    • Completely dynamic memory free runtime, allocating all the memory at start-up (Real-Time and Deterministic)
    • Deterministic API calls
  • Multi-Platform Integration:
    • Portable to all mid-high range MCU and, CPUs
    • Support for all common OS, RTOS and Bare metal
    • Support for all network stacks: POSIX, LwIP, FreeRTOS TCP...
  • ROS 2 Compatible: RMW for micro-ROS and ROS 2




eProsima Safe DDS will not be downloadable from the eProsima website as it is a licensed product. If you want to learn more about this DDS middleware solution and if it could fit your project, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..