Madrid, January 2023

Tomahawk Robotics and eProsima use case

Tomahawk Robotics, the robotics company focused on creating safe solutions optimized for deployment in the real world, is using Fast DDS for Kinesis, the only Android-based common control app that fully integrates with air and ground unmanned systems bridging them with a growing suite of AI-enabled capabilities.

eProsima and Tomahawk Robotics have brought to Fast DDS the capability to re-evaluate the available network interfaces when triggered via a method/API call. 

This feature enables Fast DDS to keep communications open in an environment where the network interfaces change over time, meaning that those present at start up could be replaced or complemented by others at any given time

Furthermore, in the context of the Kinesis project, Fast DDS now officially supports Android as a tier 2 supported platform.


Tomahawk Robotics office 

Tomahawk Robotics, 2022, Tomahawk Robotics developers, <https://www.tomahawkrobotics.com/developers>



Tomahawk Robotics is the leading innovator of common control solutions that transform how humans and unmanned systems work together to make the world more safe and secure. Kinesis, its main solution, is a control system that runs on Android devices and provides an intuitive and optimized user interface powered with AI capabilities.



eProsima focuses on networking middleware with special attention to the OMG (Object Management Group) standard called Data Distribution Service (DDS) for real-time systems. With products like Fast DDS, Micro XRCE-DDS, or Vulcanexus, eProsima offers middleware solutions for ROS 2, autonomous driving, microcontrollers, or cloud communication.



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