Madrid, August 2022

DDS Suite 1.2.0 releaseeProsima is happy to announce the new release of DDS Suite v1.2.0, the easiest way to access the eprosima DDS world. This Docker image includes a set of eProsima's latest version products, tools and libraries running on an Ubuntu platform.

The DDS Suite docker ensures stability and performance by continuously updating the version of its components. This new release includes the latest version of all its open source components:

  • Fast DDS 2.7.1: eProsima's DDS implementation, a high performance communications middleware.
  • Fast DDS Monitor 1.2.0: a graphical desktop application to monitor Fast DDS real-time parameters.
  • Fast DDS Statistics Backend 0.6.2: library to extract and gather performance data from the DDS layer.
  • Micro XRCE-DDS 2.2.0 : middleware to access the DDS Global-Data-Space from resource-constrained devices.
  • Shapes Demo  2.7.1: graphical application that enables the graphical representation of Publishers and Subscribers in different colors and sizes moving on a board.
  • DDS Router 0.4.0: end user open source software to connect geographically spaced DDS networks
  • Fast DDS Visualizer: graphical open source tool to visualize data traffic information in Real Time

The eProsima DDS Suite can be downloaded here. 



These are some of the improvements and enhancements included in the new DDS Suite 1.2.0 version:

Fast DDS 2.7.1

  • Features to get a better performance

  • New DDS functions api

Fast DDS Router 0.4.0

  • ThreadPool and FastPayLoadPool functions

  • Yaml validator to verify  Fast DDS Router configuration is correct

Fast DDS Monitor 1.2.0

  • New windows installation guide 

  • GText support to new version

The eProsima DDS suite contains eProsima’s most relevant products and also a set of binary examples that showcase functionalities. 



For more details check the following documentation:



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