Madrid, October 2021

eProsima presents a new way to access the Fast DDS world, an Ubuntu Docker image that provides an easy to use demonstration of Fast DDS and different Fast DDS tools.


This Docker image contains:

  • eProsima Fast DDS 2.4.0 libraries and examples: a set of binary examples that showcase several functionalities of the Fast DDS libraries such as a Hello World example and a Benchmark example.
  • Shapes Demo: this application enables the graphical representation of Publishers and Subscribers in different colors and sizes moving on a board, in which each shape refers to its own topic. It can be used to demonstrate the capabilities of Fast DDS in a simple and visual manner. 
  • Fast DDS Monitor: a graphical desktop application that allows the real-time monitoring of the Fast DDS environments. This way, users can track the status of publication/subscription communications between DDS entities from different communication parameters such as latency, throughput, packet loss and others.

The Fast DDS Docker is now live and available to download here. For more technical information go to our documentation


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