Madrid, April 2021

eProsima has refactored Micro XRCE-DDS Client package and its serialization library, Micro CDR, to comply with the packages Quality Level 1 (QL 1), as established by Open Robotics. This Quality Level is thought for packages which are, or might be, required in a production environment.

Open Robotics sets the quality or maturity of packages in the ROS ecosystem based on five categories or quality levels, being Q1 the highest one. Each of the quality categories addresses policies about versioning, change control, documentation, testing, dependencies, platform support and security. 

The Quality Levels defined in the REP-2004 enforce guidelines for evaluating package quality for both maintainers and consumers. Package maintainers can then establish, and document accordingly, their own specific policies addressing how their packages achieve a given Quality Level.
In turn, consumers use these guidelines and policies to set expectations on package quality and to better evaluate whether a package or its dependencies meet the standards required in their use-case.

The rationale for carrying out this assessment stems, among others, from the recent incorporation of these packages into the ROS Common Packages, as defined in the ROS REP-2005, which formally demands that a ROS Common Package comes with an associated Quality Level.

The fundamental justification for these packages to be considered as to be of Quality Level 1 is summarised in the documents below:

A complementary assessment for the Micro XRCE-DDS Agent is forseen in the very near future.


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