Madrid, October 2019

eProsima is happy to announce a R&D collaboration with Sony to create the first open-source and freely available shared memory transport for ROS2

ROS2, the de facto standard framework for robotics, is being used heavily in applications involving large amounts of data, such as artificial vision, autonomous driving (lidar & video processing), video streaming, etc. Many of those systems are composed of different applications communicating over the same machine, and in such cases, ROS2 uses the loopback mechanism of the operating system. While this mechanism is good enough for many applications, very exigent cases should use a shared memory mechanism, enabling direct interprocess and intraprocess comms, and until now only proprietary solutions were available.

eProsima & Sony will team up to create the first open-source ROS2 shared memory transport, being the first release scheduled end of February 2020.


About eProsima:

eProsima is a SME company focused on high performance network middleware with special attention to the OMG (Object Management Group) standard called Data Distribution Service (DDS) for real-time systems.

The company’s main product is eProsima Fast RTPS, a lightweight DDS Open Source implementation, exposing direct access to the underlying protocol, the Real Time Publish Subscribe (RTPS) Protocol.

eProsima shows its expertise as a key contributor of the Robotic Operating System (ROS), being Fast RTPS included as the default middleware for ROS 2.


About Sony:

Sony is a worldwide renown entertainment company with roots in Japan. During its more than 70 years of existence Sony has proven its worth and created a market leader reputation developing countless product innovations.

Till this day, Sony constantly continues its investigations in a variety of sectors, one of them being robotics and artificial intelligence (AI).


More information:

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