eProsima Fast BufferseProsima Fast Buffers is an open source serialization engine optimized for performancebeating alternatives such as Apache Thrift and Google Protocol Buffers in both Simple and Complex Structures.

eProsima Fast Buffers generates serialization code for your structured data from its definition in an Interface Description Language (IDL). If you need Dynamic Type definition at runtime, please check eProsima Dynamic Fast Buffers

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A quick example

You write an .IDL file like this:

struct VehiclePosition {
  long vehicleId;
  float x;
  float y;

Then you compile the file with the fastbuffers compiler to generate C code. Afterwards, you use that code to serialize your data:

FastBuffer fastbuffer;
VehiclePositionSer VehiclePosition_ser(fastbuffer);
// Structure to serialize.
VehiclePosition ser_var;
// Here the structure has to be initialized.
// Serialization.
VehiclePosition_ser << ser_var;

or to deserialize:

// Reset the reading position in the serializer object to start deserialization.
// The buffer will be deserialized in the next structure.
VehiclePosition des_var;
// Deserialization.
VehiclePosition_ser >> des_var;
// print your data
cout << des_var.vehicleId() << endl;
cout << des_var.x() << endl;
cout << des_var.y() << endl;


Main Features:

  • Fast and lightweight serialization (see Performance Charts)
  • Windows & Linux Supported
  • C 11 code generation
  • Open Source – LGPL License

More Information:

For any questions please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.